What Is The Best Diy Mice Extermination Or Professional Pest Control Service?

Mice are not only annoying little pests, they can carry diseases such as the Hantavirus. It is important to rodent proof your home as much as possible to prevent spreading these diseases. However, because these rodents very little, they can chew and squeeze through walls, pipes and other openings to your home.

You can do it! Do It Yourself Pest Control

There are a few ways that you can go about rodent proofing your home. First, you can go through the entire house sealing up little holes that these mice may be able to squeeze through. Then you will want to make sure all of your food is placed in mice-proof metal or glass containers. Keeping your house clean and picking up little crumbs of food off the floor is also very beneficial. This will keep them from searching for food and finding places to hide.
Mouse in biscuit packaging.
Cookies (especially chocolate ones like Oreo) are favorites of many mice.
If, after mice proofing your home, you are still finding their little mice droppings or items that are chewed through, it might be time to start laying out traps. You can find mice traps at local stores. Some of these traps include the snap traps, electronic traps, and rodent poisons. There are also traps that are considered less human like glue traps. This is because the mice get stuck to the glue board and die from starving or lack of water. A more human trap is the live trap. This will catch the mouse and then you will be able to release them away from the house.
A traditional snap trap is used by placing bait on the trap and when the mouse goes after the bait, the trap will snap on top of it, killing it instantly. One tip for the snap trap is to use sticky type of bait such as peanut butter. This way the mouse takes a minute to eat the food and the trap will catch him. Electronic traps can be very expensive. The mouse actually steps on the trap that will send an electric shock to its heart and it will die instantly. Rodent poison is effective but can be dangerous if you have little children or pets because they both can ingest the poison out of curiosity.
Looks like you need professional mice exterminator
After catching the mouse and disposing of it safely, you will want to keep traps out just in case there are more. If you are still seeing droppings and have caught additional mice, it might be time to call a professional mice exterminator. Female mice can give birth to multiple mice every few months so it is important to act quickly. Using a professional for mice extermination could potentially save your life. These little creatures can carry some very deadly diseases and a professional is better equipped to handle these situations. They are able to use the proper equipment to locate the infestation and also properly use theses catching methods so no one is in danger of attracting deadly diseases from the mice.

Is It Expensive?

Professional mice extermination cost are usually very affordable, especially when you compare it to how much you will spend on mice traps at the store. Store bought traps are similar in professional mice extermination cost and a professional will be able to fully take care of the problem. Depending on the number of mice and the size of the house, you could spend about $30 up to a couple hundred dollars on a professional. Many professional companies will not charge for an assessment of rodent infestation, but it is important to check before-hand.

What kind of services will they do?

The first step a professional will take is to locate exactly where the infestation is located. Mice do not travel long distances so they will usually nest where their food source is. Once the nest area is located, they will use mouse extermination methods that will trap the mouse instead of poisoning it. Poisoning a mouse will only cause more problems for the family because the mouse will eat the poison and then travel back to the nesting area to die. If this is inside the wall, it will be harder to remove the dead mice without removing the wall. If poison is used, it is important that it be used by the professional only.
Mice like to make nests in walls, attics, roofs and other dark warm places.
When a professional uses mouse extermination methods that will trap the mouse, whether it is a live trap or a trap that will kill the mouse, they are able to remove the mice immediately, which will prevent the spreading of these harmful diseases. A professional will know how to do this properly. They will also know how to help you prevent infestations from coming back.
Once the mice have been trapped and released or properly disposed of by the professional, it is important to make sure you sanitize the entire area and furniture that were exposed to the rodents. They leave behind urine and droppings that can contain harmful diseases. They urine and droppings give off toxins in the air that can be breathed in, so it is important to wear a mask and gloves just in case. You can use bleach and water to disinfect hard surfaces. Wash all clothes, blankets, sheets and towels with detergent in the washing machine.
In order to prevent future infestations, it is important to keep your house clean and free of food debris that will attract the mice. Although a clean home will not completely prevent a mouse infestation, it gives the mice less places to build nests and find food. If you find yourself infested with mice, it might be safer and financially beneficial to use a professional mice extermination company.

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