Planting a Vegetable Garden

Planting a vegetable garden can give you delights you otherwise might not have. There are so many varieties of vegetables available for the home gardener that you will not find in the marketplace.
Those who mass produce vegetables have had to find ways to produce vegetables that will take more handling, packing and shipping and have a longer shelf life in order to be profitable. We are fortunate to be able to buy many vegetables on a year-round basis, but we may have lost variety, aroma and flavor in the process.
Planting a vegetable garden will give you many choices. Just for example: Did you know that tomatoes come in sizes of 1/2 inch and smaller? Or that they can be as large as 3 pounds and some say as large as 6 pounds? Or that they come in a great variety of colors and shapes?
Now, I\’ve never seen a blue tomato, but I wouldn\’t rule it out. They do come in green, green with stripes, yellow, gold, tangerine, pink, red, and purple. Not all tomatoes are red when ripe. And the flavors are as diverse as the colors. Usually the more intense the color, the more intense the flavor. Think how interesting and flavorful a salad could be with all these color and flavor choices in tomatoes. And that\’s just tomatoes. A wide variety of other vegetables are available if you grow your own vegetable garden.
If you are old enough you may find varieties you remember from your childhood, and if you are young enough, you may find vegetables you didn\’t even know existed. Many of the vegetables remembered from my own childhood are rarely seen in the regular markets. Occassionally they may be found in a local farmers market.
Planning a vegetable garden can be such an adventure. There is real magic in watching your own homegrown vegetables mature and produce. You will feel so proud to serve your family and friends vegetables that are fresh, tasty and at their peak in flavor and nutrients. And you will save money. Tomatoes now cost as much by the pound as many meats, or a gallon of gas.
Planting a vegetable garden, even a small one, gets you out in the open air and sunshine. Gardening gives you a chance to enjoy the quiet and unwind while doing something you can enjoy and gives you a real sense of accomplishment. And, It\’s a great way to relieve stress.

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