How To Get Rid Of Mices

It has long been known that rodent invaders are probably the most common and unwanted guests. In fact, many people are afraid of them, some individuals simply hate rodents and a few others just love these small animals. But generally, almost all of us want to get rid of mice once and for all, don’t we? On top of that, mice are known to transmit very dangerous diseases and parasites to humans. Think of Plague and that it was transmitted by rats. Thus, there are a great number of old-fashioned mouse traps that are really cheap, proven and safe to people. Moreover, you can find some newer covered mouse traps and poisons, sonic noise makers and electronic mouse zappers, which drive the mice away fast and naturally.

How To Get Rid Of Mice

Find Exterminators In Your Area And Identify A Mouse

Baits for common house mice and wild mice are slightly different. That is why you need to figure out which one you have. To determine the origin of your visitors, just keep in mind that:

  1. Wild mice prefer oats, seeds and unprocessed foods; they have disproportionate parts of the body and grooved upper incisors.
  2. House mice eat nearly anything; they are proportional, have 2 flat upper incisors and are all of the same color.
  3. Rodents longer than 5-6 inches, including the tail, are likely rats, not mice.

5 signs of mouse infestation

  1. Mice are amazing makers of precise circles. So, watch for unexplained holes.
  2. Also, observe droppings: mice create spherical ones.
  3. Pay attention to any scampering or rustling noises in the walls and ceilings.
  4. As far as mice have a poor eyesight, there are dirty smudges and urine dribbles along the walls.
  5. Sprinkle some flour along the guessed areas and wait. Mice will surely leave tracks.

Eliminate Possible Mice Attraction And Entry Into Your Home

Mouse-friendly food – Although house mice eat almost any available foods, they prefer grains and nuts. So, start in the kitchen, taking away all unprotected food, spills, crumbs and trash. Also, keep your food elevated, in metal/glass containers and with tight-fitting lids. Work through the entire house, also checking soft furniture for gnawing damage. Next, search around your home for any signs of feeding. Move away heaps, seal up bags of pet’s food and keep an eye out for bird feeders.
Mouse’s shelter and cover – Mice usually live in warm, quiet places and close to food. They are able to squeeze through tiny openings, so clean out all the closets, children’s rooms, basements and garages. Then hunt for anything that can be used as cover: weeds, high grass, stacks of things, wood and debris piles. This way you will create a no-mouse-land.
Overall home entry outside of your home, examining every nook and plugging it up with a gnaw-proof material – cement, mortar, steel wool or metal plating.
Well, the better you have performed all these steps, the easier it will be to eliminate current mouse population from within your home.

9 Possible Traps To Get Rid Of Mice Once And For All

In fact, you may start from repellents, as mice dislike certain scents. They hate mint, so buy some spearmint mice repellant and spray. There are also special seeds which can be spread. Speaking of catching mice with traps, it is very important to bait them before setting. This will let the mice think of feeding and make the elimination easier. It is interesting how mice can detect the faintest human-smells on traps, so a little bacon grease covers this well. Also remember that speed is the key. Set up the traps in clusters of 5 or even more. The thing is to kill the mice faster than they can breed. Effective baits contain oatmeal, baked breads, peanut butter and peanuts in the shell, cotton balls and raw bacon.

Lethal Traps

A bucket with water baits the mouse over the opening and then causes it to fall and drown.

Snap Traps

The mouse only has to step onto the trap in order to spring it. You may hide these traps in corn meal or trays of sawdust.

Glue Boards

These ones are rather unpopular because mice are left to die of starvation or stress.

Zapper Traps

Zapper traps lure mice inside and deliver a lethal electric shock. They work well but are expensive, eat batteries and can’t catch all the family around.

Live Traps

The point is to release trapped mice far away from your home and handle them carefully, because they can carry parasites.

Catch Traps

They are usually plastic or metal. Actually, mice seem to get used to such traps.

Ultrasonic Devices

These devices are considered rather ineffective, as rodents can eventually ignore it.


If you decide this route, mind this is a last resort. You may have mice dying all around your house. And that is a horrible smell.


You know, dogs, cats and barn owls are extremely efficient at getting rid of mice.
In a word, removing mice from your home can be a real hassle, but these quick and easy instructions will definitely keep all the rodents away right into their natural habitat!

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