How to Get Rid of Mice Today

Rodents are actually friendly creatures if only treated well. But they can also be the worst enemy to a household.
At home, we don’t rid of mice by hurting them or hitting them with wood, because it is believed to cause further destruction in your clothes and cabinets. Instead we tacticize on the most reliable cat-and-mouse strategy. Luckily, most of the people in the house are cat lovers so it is not difficult to “hire” the services of the feline breed to run after rodents. This natural way of getting rid of mice is actually less stressful and conscience-free. While of course, the best way to get rid of mice really is to use pest control or poisonous toxics like pellets which are aplenty in supermarkets. This strategy however can be dangerous especially in a household where kids are around and playing. Booby traps while also effective are still dangerous especially when kids end up getting trapped when the same is placed beneath tables or cabinets where kids sometimes are prone to linger.
Quick research on some “scientific methods” to get rid of rodents show there are actually several ways to employ:

  1. Rodents love to food that is why when they smell something to eat, they readily smell their way around to look for that food. The best way to shoo them away is to make your surroundings clean by removing food excesses in your table, keeping your cabinets from bread and food crumbs and all other places in your households that they would love to loiter. Like what the adage says “Cleanliness is Next to Godliness” is indeed true.
  2. Napthalene mothballs have been used by our household since time immemorial. I have to presume that my mother’s mother was using this white mothball thing since they were on their 3rdgrade in order to protect their uniform from the rodents’ urine and dirt, and bites of course.

Napthalene mothballs are sold in dozens and are available in supermarkets nowadays. Just be sure you only place a minimum number of this white thing inside your cabinet, or in alley ways where your friendly mice usually walks through, so you will not end up smelling like naphthalene or your shirt.

  1. Garlic is also one of the most common ways to fend off rodents. The smell of onions is said to be offensive to rats thus it readily skirts away common routes in your household.
  2. The smell of onions is another way to solve the mouse problem as they say the odor is offensive.
  3. Some people have driven away their mouse by leaving a small bowls filled with ammonia in the places they like to frequent. Rodents are also repelled by its smell.
  4. I heard that peanut butter is also an effective way to catch mouse. Maybe you can try using this by placing a portion of it on your mousetraps. Peanut butter is said to be sticky and once the rat falls on its sticky matter, it will have difficult time to escape from the trap.
  5. You can also make use of an electronic beeping unit that you can use to scare the mice. This can only cost about $30 from Home Depot. The problem with this though is that it may not work all the time towards the mice.
  6. A lot of homemade remedies can be done to get rid of mice at home. You can go the icky way of putting dried snake poo in the places they frequently pass through. This works much like the cat poo and you can simply get it from the reptile center, the zoo or the animal center.

Lastly, going natural is actually better and wiser and less expensive too.

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