How To Get Rid Of Mice In The House

Mice and other small rodents often pose quite a problem for owners of suburban homes, and a really big problem for farmers. Small, nimble, quite intelligent when they need to be, and, above all, fast and practically explosive breeders. If left to their own devices, mice can quite quickly take over a household. That is the main reason why people providing pest extermination services are so popular and will probably not see any decline in the foreseeable future. However, there are quite a few ways to get rid of mice that are much cheaper and less invasive.
Get a cat. The most natural way to deal with mice. For many people, the constant effect and extra companionship are worth the upkeep expenses. Of course, it has to be a cat with developed hunting skills and an acute killer instinct, A Persian won’t do, a generic Domestic Shorthair will do just fine.
Keep your house clean. Make sure that there is no way for mice to get at your food or any residue of it. Keep it in airtight containers.
Use peppermint oil. Peppermint oil is natural rodent deterrent. The smell is too intense for mice and they will not go near it. It also masks the smell of food. Peppermint oil is available in most health food stores. One or two drops on cotton balls placed near possible entry points for mice (ventilation system, doorways, etc.) an alternative method is placing potted peppermint plants near the entry points.
Block entry points. Various small holes and cracks are the main route for mice to get into homes. Blocking these with steel wool will yield the best results, as mice cannot chew though it without hurting themselves.
If your cat is too lazy to catch mice, you can place used kitty litter near where mice hide or enter your home. Use this method sparingly, or the cat may start associating those places with his toilet.
Ultrasonic beepers. These devices are available at hardware stores and periodically emit a sound that is too high-pitched for humans, dogs, or cats to hear, yet is ear-piercing to rodents. One on every floor should be enough.
Humane traps. The type of trap that a mouse can get into but can’t get out. Useful if there are only a few mice in the house. It is generally recommended to release the captured mice at least 1 mile away from the house.
Mice are mostly attracted by our trash, so keeping trash as far away from the house as reasonably possible is a wise move.
If you live in or near an area with a known population of barn owls, attracting a family of them to your general location with a safe and cozy shelter box can help greatly.
Keep in mind that all the measures listed above, while quite effective for preventive purposes or in case of small numbers of mice, will probably not help against large nests or clusters of nests. If your property is suffering from serious infestation, the services of a professional exterminator are usually the only effective answer to the question “how to get rid of mice in the house?”.

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