How To Do Vegetable/Herb Garden

I have no idea how to start, care, and maintain a vegetable and herb garden but I want to because I want to learn how! What I’ll mainly be growing are strawberries, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, egg plants, onions, garlic, parsley, rosemary, chives, bay leaves and oregano. I plan on growing them in individual pots raised above the ground because the soil in my yard isn’t so great. What kind of soil should I put in the pots for the vegetables and herbs? Should I water them everyday? How can I repel insects and bugs from destroying and eating them? How do I prevent weed from growing with them? Also, how can I make them taste good (haha)? I heard that if you put sugar in the soil, it’ll make the vegetables taste more sweet. I really want to make my garden happen, please help me out! If there’s also any other concerns I should be informed, please tell! Thank you! Oh, I live in San Diego so I have no idea if some of the vegetables/herbs I’ve named are able to grow in this climate.
The climate in San Diego is beautiful for growing vegetables. It is better in the long run to work with the soil you have than to grow in pots.
Strawberries are perennials and will need to be planted a year before your first crop. Buy sets and plant them about a foot apart in each direction. They do well in your climate.
Bay leaves come from the bay tree and that can be little but isn’t really a vegetable. You can plant the bay tree anywhere in your yard and it does not need to be in a raised frame. It does not like to freeze but that should not be a problem in San Diego. Rosemary is a bush that is very hardy and can be put anywhere. In fact, it can become a bit of a pest in good growing conditions.
The rest can be planted in the raised frames, watered daily and light fertilizer. You shouldn’t have any trouble growing those things that you have listed.
As far as sugar in the soil, I have never heard that. I’m not sure that sugar would even be taken in by the plant. It would be an interesting experiment though. Plant two tomatoes at opposite ends of the frame and sugar one and not the other. They will have to be the same type of tomato to be a good test. Then see for yourself if there is any difference. Good luck and have fun. Gardening is a very good time.

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