How Do You Get Rid Of Mice?

A good way against mice will always be our little friend – a cat. These cute creatures have very special mission – to protect our homes from undesired guests. And, admit, they do their task perfectly. Of course, if your cat is lazy, it won’t be the solution to the problem. So, if you decide to use cat, try to choose a good one.
It is also not bad to use a mousetrap. But there are good and not very good mousetraps. So, while choosing one, pay attention to every detail.
Ash also can be useful. A proved method of protecting your house from mice and rats is wood ash. You must strew it on the floor in your cellar and house. Ash has alkaline reaction, which is not very nice for the paws of mice. They cannot stand it for a long period of time and go away.
Poison helps to drive away mice. You should add it to the edible lure. This method is suitable for those, who don’t have domestic animals: they can get hurt.
Besides, very effective is using of a wild plant, which is called a black root. It is given the highest score because of both humanity and effectiveness. First of all, mice just leave your home and garden. Secondly, it is very easy to use. You just grow this plant in your garden and then in autumn lay it out in the cellar, in the yard and everywhere else, where it is necessary. But if you want to use this method, you should think about it beforehand.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Mice

If none of these ways is good for you, maybe, you will be interested in this one. Many consider it to be the best way to get rid of mice. You will need good glue, a smooth surface and tasty bait. Yes, that is all. Pour some glue on the smooth surface and, using an unnecessary toothbrush, spread it across it. Then put a piece of bread, fried on oil, in the middle of the surface. And that is all. The trap is ready. It can contain as many mice as possible.
Let’s hope that these pieces of advice will be helpful. Good luck in your war with mice and rats.

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