Get Rid Of Mice With Mousetraps

If you are looking for a way to get rid of mice with mousetraps, you have several options available to you. You can get mousetraps that use poison, force or even electronic zapping to get rid of mice with mousetraps.
There are pros and cons to using mousetraps to get rid of mice.

Spring Trap

The spring trap is one of the oldest type of traps that there are to get rid of mice with mousetraps. The spring trap tempts the mouse with a bit of food. Once the mouse takes the food from the trap, the spring lets go and crushes the mouse. The spring trap has been used for years as a way to get rid of mice with mousetraps and it works. The problem with this method of mouse control is that the result is gruesome to discover. It can also entrap larger pets who will not get killed, but injured. Likewise children. The spring trap is an excellent way to get rid of mice with mousetraps, but it also has its negative points.

Poison Trap

Instead of the spring trap, many people like the idea of the poison mousetrap. This does not entail the mouse being nearly severed but tempts the mouse to the trap where it gets poisoned. This will then kill the mouse and keep it in one piece. Unfortunately, this type of mousetrap can be dangerous to other pets and small children. In addition, many do not trap the mouse, but merely poison it. The mouse may decide to hide and end up dying in your walls. This can cause the stench of decay to permeate your home – something that you do not want. While the poison traps are very popular with consumers who want to get rid of mice with mousetraps, they can also be dangerous.

Electric Trap

The mouse zapping electric traps will kill the mouse by electrocution once in the trap. This is a more humane way to kill the mouse as opposed to poison, which may take a few moments to work and even more humane and less gruesome than the spring trap. The electronic trap is small so that you do not have to worry about children or other pets being zapped in the trap. If you want to get rid of mice with mousetraps, you are better off to use the electric mousetrap that will zap the mouse.
You can get rid of mice with mousetraps and then use a natural product in and around your house to prevent mice from getting in your home. No matter how tightly your home is sealed, mice can still enter. You should do what you can do to prevent mice from entering your home and once they do, get rid of mice with mousetraps.

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