Easy and Proven Ways Of How To Get Rid Of Mice Naturally And Cost Effectively

When mice leave your bookshelf only with dusts of paper bits or your food-cupboard with half eaten pieces of meat you must have definitely taken oaths to drive that little creature out of your house. Even after buying certain expensive ultrasonic sound-producing device to run down mice or some expensive repellants you are left with only mice and nothing else. Here are some ways of how to get rid of mice naturally and cost effectively.

Use Cheap And Natural Repellants

Some highly scented substances may act as rodent repellants like the popularly used peppermint oil. The peppermint oil is very cost effective and emits such a perfume that is not liked by mice and they try to find way out from the house where such oils are kept spilt. A drop or two, peppermint oil on cotton balls will help you to keep the mice away when you will keep them at places where the tiny rodent likes to visit the most. Some places from where they get chances of entering if are also drowned with such scents then the mice would not attack your house. Using mint while you are cooking emits a scent that you will like but not the mouse, so that your foods can remain yours only and not theirs. Did you ever try growing peppermint plants in your garden? If not, try it and you will be helped in keeping mice away.

Sealing Entry Paths And Destroying Breeding Places

There are many easy ways of how to get rid of mice naturally and cost effectively because the mice are not used to in expensive means. They happily stay in dirty and dark places of your house like the storerooms with old furniture, holes in the walls or fridge pockets. So try to keep your house free of such old furniture that does not help you in anyway. Clean the corners of your room regularly and block entry paths like ventilators and holes in doors or windows. Do patch work of your house walls so that no holes or vents are left where the mice would like to take shelter.

Mice Is A Common Enemy Of Man And Cat

If you are so irritated by the invasion of an animal that does not help you anyway try introducing an animal that will help you. A cat is the worst enemy of mice, that’s why a house that shelters a cat is never attacked by mouse. Try to put a tub of kitty litter, which smells of cat excreta. Mice fear such smells and they run away.

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