Camping stoves. The best gas, electric, and paralytic

The camping stoves are practical and useful for those who spend the day in the tent at sea, or for those who practice hiking, backpacking, or mountaineering. Thanks to a camping stove it is possible to cook a hot dish, prepare coffee or tea, herbal tea to warm up, especially if you are at high altitude and the temperature is rigid. The camping kitchen is convenient for both campers and campers. Choose the best compact camping stove.

There are many models of camping stoves on the market, some compact, and light for hiking in the mountains and others more suitable for multi-day camping at the beach with slightly higher prices. The choice is wide to satisfy every need, but often you don’t know which model to choose and the one that best suits your needs.

Based on the type of holiday or trip you decide to do, it is essential to evaluate what you need for the time spent in the tent. In an equipped campsite that can be reached by car and where there is electricity, you can evaluate electric and gas camping stoves.

On the contrary, if you go on an excursion for a few days, trekking or mountaineering, you will look for a more compact and light model, to put in your backpack, which works on gas or pyrolytic to take advantage of sticks and alcohol, but at the same time practical and quick to use. , possibly multi-fuel.

Before buying a camp stove it is good to understand the different types of stoves and how they work. In fact, some models are better suited in certain circumstances and others are ideal for a more intensive and prolonged field kitchen as stops for several days in equipped campsites. Let’s see the differences and which ones are the best to buy.

The gas camping stove are the most widespread and used models, both in equipped campsites, but especially when you are far from inhabited centers such as when trekking and hiking in the mountains with overnight accommodation in tents. Gas camping stoves are powered by a mixture of propane and butane, sold in the form of cartridges or small cylinders. The advantage of gas camping kitchens is immediate ignition via matches or lighter, some models also offer piezoelectric ignition and the ability to adjust the flame to simmer over low or high heat as needed. On the market we also find models with two or three flame points, much more generous in size but for a long stay in one place they can be very useful for cooking several dishes at the same time.


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